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Engineering Services


What we do:

  • Deliver unmatched quality and customer experience
  • Provide world class products, integrated solutions and services
  • Extend product lifecycle and support
  • Reduce OEM design and manufacturing costs
  • Design and manufacture custom products based on strict customer requirements
  • Design and manufacture rugged products that meet the strict needs of mission-critical industries, including telecom, medical, enterprise and defense
  • Extensive product development and product design experience

·         Experimental prototype or large production runs

  • Assist your application teams to resolve design issues
  • Optimize your design for greater success
  • Run DFM product development / cost reduction analyses
  • Develop entire project design-through-production


Our capabilities include:


  • Reverse engineering of existing products
  • Redesign using lower cost components
  • Reduce BOM cost by 20-50%
  • Product re-design for seamless compatibility
  • Redesigned for Long-lifecycle
  • EOL component sourcing
  • Lifetime inventory of EOL components
  • Continued manufacturing of legacy products
  • Redesign to eliminate EOL components



Industrial Design Engineering Services:


  • 3D modeling
  • User interface design
  • Photo-realistic renderings
  • Product styling
  • Preliminary concept development



Mechanical Engineering Services:


  • Design & concept development
  • Early proof of concept modeling
  • Stress and thermal analysis
  • Design for assembly
  • Graphics design
  • Design verification testing





  • Sub-system concepts
  • Prototyping
  • Design verification
  • Compliance reliability testing
  • Technology selection
  • System electronics